Hidey Hi

Hi guys! Let me introduce myself. I’m Lou. A 32 year old married mother of two of my own sprogs and step-mum to a third. But I also go by the pseudonym Sewcial Warrior.

I should probably explain where this comes from. I have a dear friend (my husband’s other wife. Ha ha!) Whom I like to get merry with and have very random conversations. Some of these have resulted in long running jokes about anti-matter wranglers and land sleeves (Don’t ask). It was during one such conversation, when we were rambling about the meaning of people’s names, that, using the mighty power of Google, we read somewhere that Louise, my name, means Great Warrior. As I spend 37 hours of my week working as a social worker with adults and older people, my new moniker of Social Warrior seemed apt. I would like to imagine my sewing skills could one day become close to superhuman too. And so the Sewcial Warrior was born.

I think that’s enough of an introduction for now- a lady likes to leave some things as a surprise after all. Next time I’ll tell you a bit about what I hope this here blog will be all about but suffice it to say there will be fabric flying, the sewing machine will be whirring and my hubby is likely to be stepping on a lot more pins in the sitting room carpet.


2 thoughts on “Hidey Hi

  1. I love how you came to get your name. Nothing is better than a great story behind the name. Mine is just a corny play on words LOL But yours has meaning! It’s great 😀

    • Glad u like it. My friend had been taking the Mickey out of me for ages calling me a Social Warrior then one day the change in spelling dawned on me and my blogger name was born.

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