Colette Meringue mark 2?

I made a muslin for my Colette Meringue skirt. I’ve got quite a booty and I wanted to make sure there was enough wiggle room. I used mint green and cobalt baby cord I picked up at a charity shop for next to nothing. As I mentioned previously most of the fabric I buy is from charity shops. I rarely have labels to check for fibre content and I’m too much of a noob at sewing to reliably recognise fabrics. Generally I’m guessing and using my gut instinct. I’m pretty sure this was cotton. I didn’t have a cheap fabric of equivalent weight so I went as close as I could for drape.

Fabric from Big Nana’s stash

I think… No, to be honest I have no idea what it is- possibly upholstery material? I think it’s cotton though. Nice but there’s on big flaw- not my colour at all. I rarely wear light colours.

I’ve been following the Colette Wardrobe Architect series and have been thinking about the colours that suit me and what neutrals I wear in the hopes of sewing stuff that will look good and I’ll wear rather than those projects that end up lurking at the back or your wardrobe. My main neutral is black and the colours I wear are vibrant- reds, greens, blues and really any strong colour.



Here’s some colour palettes that caught my eye

So this ‘muslin’ fabric was chosen purely because I would never chose to make myself something with it so didn’t mind it going to waste. For the facings, I used remnants of a red rose patterned duvet cover (another charity shop pick up) which I have previously made into a 50’s sundress.


When I tried it on for fitting I surprisingly found myself thinking that I actually quite liked it. I like the combination of stripes and the scalloped hem and I even like the pairing with the facing. So, I have two questions for you:

1) Do I make it up as a proper version for myself despite it not being a colour combo I would usually chose?


2) Do I give it the same treatment as the last one and have the rose facing on the right side, making it a bit more quirky with a rose patterned hem?

Give me a holla in the comments and let me know what you think.


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