Sewing Bee techniques round up


I’m feeling guilty- I have lots of ideas for exciting and interesting posts for the future but, even a week into my blog, I’m finding it hard to fit in the sewing I want to do plus work on the blog around full-time work and two young children.

I had planned a Sewing Bee techniques round up each week after the episode to point you in the direction of links to learn how to do the skills they’ve shown on the show. Yes, I’m already three weeks behind!!

So, what I’ve decided to do is just point you in the direction of my Pinterest board where I’m pinning relevant tutorials and articles on the skills the contestants show each week. There’s even a link there for a tutorial from Chinelo Bally for a tulip skirt based on the amazing velvet jersey dress she created on this week’s episode.

I’ll be back again to share my sewing projects and the things I’m up to, other than work!!!! If you follow me on Instagram (see link above) you will know that my current project involves tackling bound buttonholes for the first time!

P.s do you like ‘my slightly pissed in the pub’ selfie??

P.P.S I’m now on Twitter too @SewcialWarrior. Bare with me though as I’ve been a die hard Facebook fan until now so I’m slowly finding my tweeting feet!


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