I do other things too!!

While I adore sewing, you could call me a serial crafter. I’ve been through knitting (I’m not amazing and I have a bag full of hexipuffs under my bed for a never-finished bee-keepers quilt), painting, jewellery making and, briefly tattooing. Sewing just happens to be the one that’s stuck and I adore and have the drive to continue doing and getting better at. There is something else that I do too. The header of my blog page may give a hint.

I draw.   I love tattoo-esque designs with bright colours and a rockabilly hint to them- all the Sailor Jerry style pin-ups, swallows, dice etc.   I thought I’d share some  of my work with you.   Some of my designs have been turned into tattoos either for myself, my husband or friends.   The most recent tattoo I’ve designed is this one for my friend, Chelle.


She wanted a Japanese Neko Cat, but drawn as a sugar skull, holding a fan and incorporating an existing tattoo she already has at the bottom of her back.   You’d think it would be hard to incorporate all of that, but I absolutely adored drawing this.   I also snuck in a personal touch.   If you followed the link on her name above, you’d have learnt that Chelle bakes amazing cakes.   I couldn’t resist referencing them in the pic- spot the cheekily placed cupcakes on the fan?

Here’s Tobi’s Steampunk Monkey Tattoo



I love this little critter

I don’t think the rest need much introduction:


One day this will be my tattoo!




Steampunk Sugar Skull


Alice Through the Looking Glass

I was asked yesterday to create some Sailor Jerry style cake toppers for a friend’s daughter’s 18th.   There’s going to be mermaid pin-ups, swallows and other cool stuff.   This unfortunately is keeping me away from sewing and blogging time but I do have a work in progress at the moment- the first of my Vintage Pledge items is underway.   But I’ll tell you all about that next time.

I’ve updated the Pinterest board on sewing bee techniques from this weeks episode.   I think my garment of the week was also Lynda’s prom dress.

Anyway, I’m off now to put the kids to bed and then crack on with that muslin.



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