Vintage Pattern Pledge progress

Hello all. Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the beautiful sun which has finally made it’s way through the rain clouds. I’m so much happier when then sun’s come out and life seems a little bit easier, despite the fact I’ve had two very whiney children hanging off me all weekend.

I thought I’d update you on my Vintage Pattern Pledge. I decided to make Simplicity 7508 from my vintage pattern stash.


I chose this because, as usual, the cover sketches look so glamourous and chic that I had to have it. Also one of my sewing goals for this year is to improve my fitting skills and as this pattern walks you through the fitting process it seemed ideal. Plus it was already in my size, more or less.

A muslin was a necessity for fitting and so I dutifully went about cutting it out. The pattern says you need a whopping 3.25 metres for this very simple sheath dress. I could believe that but sure enough when I places the pieces out they were too wide to be able to do them side by side as so I did use just under 3 metres.


Luckily, in Big Nana’s stash there is a whole roll of medium weight poly cotton of some description with a hideous gingham and floral print that is ideal for making muslins. It looks grim on though. I quickly basted it togethersans zip. I tell u what, it’s got some weird darts in this design. I shall dub them banana darts as that’s what they reminded me of when I was stitching them up. Long diagonal curving waist darts that are slightly tricky to sew.

I quickly threw the muslin on, without sleeves and roughly held it together where the zipper would be then used my tried and tested fitting method of squinting at myself in my reflection in the patio windows. Erm…. Not good. I looked like a condom full of custard. I promised Joanne of Sew Little Time that I would blog a picture of me in this hideous creation if she’d blog her fitting fail on the Emery Dress she made. However, I clearly can’t wear a half-made muslin to work for my buddy to snap pics for me and the light’s too rubbish in the evening to take one at home so I have ducked out I’m afraid. Suffice it to say that A-line sheath dresses do nothing for me.

I was hoping this dress would be a learning experience for me- working with older patterns (1968 doesn’t seem quite as genuinely vintage as other patterns), fitting and my first non-stretchy set in sleeves. However it has been a learning curve in a different way and I’ve learnt that I need a silhouette with a defined waist otherwise I look like a sausage. I’m being a bit cheeky and counting this as one of my Vintage patterns to count towards the pledge. One down, two to go.

Don’t forget, it’s sewing bee tonight and, as with last week, I will update my Sewing Bee techniques board on Pinterest during the show with tutorials for you to master the techniques they use in the show. I can’t wait to see what they make tonight and who will be saying goodbye. Enjoy!


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