Imitation Lady Skater

Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t posted for a little while, I’ve spent the last week feeling incredibly sorry for myself with the flu and suffering side effects from my regular medication that’s made me dizzy constantly. I’ve been wanting to sew but crawling round on the floor to cut fabric whilst feeling dizzy did not feel particularly appealing.

Anyway, I have done some sewing in the last week. I’ve mentioned before the moths that fly out of my wallet whenever it’s opened and my desperate need to make this an affordable hobby.   This is all my fault I hasten to add- Credit is bad, m’kay? As such I often find myself lusting over patterns that are doing the blog rounds as I just can’t afford to buy them.   What does this mean?   Do I cry myself to sleep thinking of all the beautiful things I could be making?   Nope, I have to level up my pattern drafting skills.

This is where the Lady Skater by Kischycoo comes in.   I love this dress and it’s the very essence of what I like to wear around the house at the weekend- quick to throw on, comfy and flattering with a defined waist and fairly full skirt.   There have been some beautiful dresses created around the web such as the ones here, here and here.   After resisting a recreation when the pattern was first launched last year I caved in when it was released in the first Perfect Pattern Parcel, which as usual I wanted but couldn’t afford.

So here it my homage to the Lady Skater:



I based my dress on the free Plantain t-shirt pattern by Deer and Doe but took in the sides at the waist to match my measurements, taking out the flare in the original pattern.   Then I got me to drafting a circle skirt.   I originally wanted a full circle skirt but I didn’t have enough fabric so opted for a half circle- I think it’s probably more authentic to the original pattern too.   I used By Hand London’s circle skirt app to help me quickly calculate what radius I needed to draft my circle.   I made a muslin in a cotton jersey that’s just not my colour but I didn’t have enough for a full skirt so did a bit of freehand drafting, a la Chinelo from the Sewing Bee, to draft a peplum instead.  Once I knew that fitted I cracked on with my real fabric.


This is one of the rare pieces of fabric in my stash that I’ve actually bought from a fabric shop, not been handed down or purchased in a charity shop.   It came from Fabricland in Basingstoke and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it and it was going to be an imitation Lady Skater.   I’m a bit partial to a skull print.   It’s a bit less stable than the original pattern calls for and, in hindsight, I should have taken that into account when drafting the pattern as it’s a bit on the loose side.   It’s a mixed fibre t-shirt weight jersey and is really soft and sooooooo drapey- it kept wanting to drag itself off the sewing table onto the floor while it was whizzing through my overlocker.

I’ve spied on a few posts about this dress that that shoulder and waist seams are stabilised with clear elastic to prevent them from drooping overtime, so I decided to do this on my dress, although I just opted for some 1/4″ white elastic from my stash.   I think this is where the instability of my jersey let me down as the seam is a bit wavy- probably should have used the differential feed on my overlocker.

Anyway, I’m super chuffed with this make and have worn it repeatedly in the week or so I’ve had it and it’s already been through the wash a load of times.   I hope Amanda over at Kischycoo isn’t too offended that I didn’t buy her pattern- I would have loved to, and I urge all of you to run over there now and buy it immediately.




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