Black Friday Sewing Double- Monthly stitch makes

Hello all. Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter weekend and you haven’t made yourselves as sick on chocolate as I have. Can you get chocolate sweats? I think I have.

For this post I’d like to introduce you to my daughter, Maya, and two garments I made which nearly caused a sewing-induced breakdown.   I’ve just been assimilated into the Monthly Stitch collective, I’m just waiting for my Borg Cube to arrive in the post.   If you haven’t seen it, this is a blog which sets contributors challenges for their sewing each month- could be to sew from a vintage pattern, sew stretchy or this month’s challenge Sewing Double- multiples of the same pattern.


I was conned into Sewing this Swoon patterns free scarf neck cardigan pattern twice by this angelic looking cherub, once in ladies size and once in little ladies size for Maya.   Swoon are an independent pattern company that seem to do only bags- this scarf neck cardi is the only garment and it’s my favourite price- free!! (p.s. I’m not being sponsored by them).

I had planned only one of these cardis for myself and was disappointed, after sticking together the pdf, to realise that I didn’t have much in the way of suitable fabric in my stash to make it.   However I had a good rummage and found a remnant of this gorgeous lightweight super drapey and super soft pink and white striped jersey in the bottom of my box.   Maya was watching over me like a hawk while I tried desperately to make the pattern pieces all fit onto the yardage.   Alas, it wasn’t to be and Maya soon swooped in to ask me to make one for her.   Knowing there was the same pattern for girls and ladies, how could I resist.   So Maya got the fabric I wanted and I managed to find some medium weight cotton Jersey in the stash for me.

Maya is also wearing a skirt I could also include in the sewing double challenge.   It’s the Side Bustle Skirt from the Sewing Rabbit Autumn 2013 collection.   I made Maya two; this one in two coordinating lightweight knits, one paisley one mint, and a blue and pink floral version which is unfortunately in the wash.   Maya loves these skirts and they look comfy but for some reason she insists on twisting it round so the dipped hem is at the front.   Oh well, she likes it that way.

Please excuse the blurriness, my darling hubby, Tobi took these pics and every single one of them seems to be blurred.

I Made Maya the age 3/4 size, despite her being nearly 5- she’s super skinny.   It fits her like a dream and was super quick to sew up on my overlocker.   I was lazy in instruction reading however and when I set in Maya’s sleeves I accidentally lined up the sleeve seam with the princess seam on the front of the cardi rather than where the side panel meet the back.   It hardly notices- I only know because I did it- so I was too damn lazy to unpick overlocked seams and re-set them.

However the hem is another matter and, if you follow me on Twitter (see big follow button up the top if you don’t already) you will know that I actually punched my sewing machine while I was making Maya’s version.   I made Maya’s one on Good Friday- hence the black Friday comment.   I used a twin needle for the hems- and there’s a lot of them; cuffs, bottom hem and all the way round the scarf neckline and down to the front.   I only have a cheap machine and the threads kept getting twisted and snarled up on the soft drapey fabric of Maya’s cardi.   I persevered and won in the end.   The hem on mine was much better.

BUT, I had an actual proper melt down whilst attempting to cut mine out.   Lovely laundered yardage on the floor and I’m trying to smooth it out so I could lay out my pattern pieces.   I literally tried for an hour and a half with lots of ironing involved to get the damn thing to lay flat whilst folded in half and could not for the life of me do it.   I gave up in the end and screwed it up in a ball and sulked for a few hours.   Then it struck me- lay it out flat.   That’s when it became clear why I was having troubles.   When I’d hung it out to dry after the pre-wash I’d draped it over my three level concertina airer and the weight and height had completely stretched it out of shape.   Thankfully it was much easier to cut flat- although I nearly didn’t have enough for sleeves.   I was a bit daft and cut the size based on my hip measurement rather than bust and so this thing looks massive on me.   Look, I’ve got Wings.

Although it’s massive, I love how snuggly and comfortable it is and how the neckline falls.   It reminds me of top Joan Holloway wears in Series 1 of Mad Men (yes, I’m very very behind but it’s on Sky on Demand at the moment so I get to catch up with six whole seasons worth) which had a scarf-like neckline.   I might try to bastardize this pattern to make a knock off.

Does anyone else get sewing rage?   It’s never your fault, always the machines or the needles or the fabric.   That’s the thing with sewing sometimes.   I saw I sew as it’s my serene time away from work and family commitments but when things just aren’t going right the red fog descends and I want to murder and maim.   Please someone tell me I’m not the only one by joining in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtags #sewingrage and #sewingserenity to tell me if your sewing has a Jeckyl and Hyde side.



3 thoughts on “Black Friday Sewing Double- Monthly stitch makes

  1. Oh yes, the red mist has definitely descended on occasion! Always when it’s my own stupid damn fault.

    Thanks for introducing me to this pattern. I’ve got a length of jersey I’d mentally set aside for a waterfall cardigan, and was fearing I’d have to try and cobble a pattern together from one of my vast collection of cardis. It looks like this one would really fit the bill.

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