Kestrel Makes Spring Sewing Swap

I am taking part in the Spring Sewing Swap, organised over at Kestrel makes. The idea is that all those who sign up are paired up and are tasked with gathering together a sewing parcel of love to send to their swap partner. The budget is roughly £15 and it is suggested that with this you get 3-5 items for your partner.
I’ve been paired up with Andrea Winterflood- Sew Incidentallyand on twitter (@summerdrought17) for the swap. Andrea has a love of upcycling which has got my little noggin whirring for ideas for the swap. I’ve got a few bits and bobs lined up and I hope to post this out to her asap.
I’m super excited to receive my parcel so watch this space and I’ll share with you what I get. It’s so exciting getting happy post.

I know you all love seeing outfit posts and I promise I have several projects up my sleeve at the moment. It’s just sewing time that’s a struggle at the mo but I hope to have some finished garments ready to share ASAP.

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