It’s Alive!!

A harsh fluorescent light flickers into life, illuminating a stark white room.   Mysterious machinery crowds the room.   Beeps and flashing lights threaten to overwhelm the senses and the smell of chemicals and disinfectant fills the nostrils.   In the centre of the room there is a surgical trolley and a swarm of people of undetermined sex, swaddled in green scrubs and surgical hats, surround it.   Their eyes look worried and their motions are frantic, clearly trying to save what could be a lost cause.   The camera angle moves and we’re now seeing the trolley from above and the patient in critical condition lying in its centre.   It’s not the usual patient, it’s a laptop with its screen lit up in the ominous colour blue, the colour of computer death.

“Clear!” calls the leader of the green scrub brigade, rubbing together two metal plates in his hands, with wires spiralling down to the high-tech defibrillator perched on a stainless steel trolley next to him.   The scrub brigade step back, holding their breaths for the jolt they know is coming.

ZZAAAAAPPPP! Beep beep beep…

A flashing cursor appears on the screen with the words “Loading”.   The green scrubs lean forward, taking a collective gasp.   The screen flashes into life…

“Welcome to Sewcial Warrior” it reads.   “it’s alive!” call the green scrubs, high-fiving each other and celebrating a blog saved from oblivion.

I’m alive!!!!   Sorry for the blog hiatus, completely not intended.     Life just gets in the way when you have two small kids and work full-time.   I will always prioritize my sewing time over blogging time, so that’s why I’ve not been about much.   Anyway, my bad blogger status means that I’ve neglected to blog about some of my makes from last year, some of which were my favourite of the year.  I originally drafted this post to include some of the makes I missed blogging about last year then realised I hadn’t actually taken the pictures I was visualising in my head.   I’ll blog about those makes asap but for now I wanted to say I’m still here.

Vintage pattern pledge

Lets start with the bits I need to own up to.   Back at the beginning of 2014 I joined Marie from A Stitching Odyssey’s Vintage Sewing Pattern pledge and pledged to sew 5 of the lovely patterns I have accumulated in my stash.   The confession is… I made one muslin and that was it.   This was partly influence by the fact that most of my vintage patterns are in sizes that are wildly different to my current measurements and I’m not confident enough in pattern grading to get these to fit me.   This experience has also made me realise that, as much as I love following all the weekly/monthly/yearly challenges in the blogosphere, I’m rubbish at achieving them.   I think it’s partially down to my love of selfish sewing- somehow when it’s a challenge with a deadline it takes the fun out of it for me.   So I’m resolved to not officially pledging to any challenges this year and just sewing my own way in a relaxed fashion.   Stress in other areas of my life is sky high at the moment and I don’t need my hobby to be tainted with that too.   I will continue to drool over everyone else’s makes and you may see the odd thing from me this year that ties to a challenge, but don’t hold your breath.

Current work in progress

I have been lost in the depths of trouser fitting for what seems like an eternity.   I’ve been simulataneously working on a pair of Jedediah Pants from Thread theory for Tobi and I bought, with my birthday money, (back at the end of November) the Ginger Jeans pattern from Closet Case files for me.   I’ve been living in one pair of poorly fitting RTW jeans for an eternity and Tobi has lost a lot of weight over the last year or so so none of his trousers fit him either.   We’re both looking forward to having trousers that fit properly.

Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram for regular updates on my works in progress.   I find it so much easier to micro-blog on Twitter and Instagram than I do to find the time to sit down and write a whole blog post.

2015 Sewing plans

I don’t really have any sewing plans so far, although there are a few pieces of precious yardage that I’d like to get sewn up this year.   I’ve been finding it really hard to motivate myself to sew in the evenings so the pace of my creations may be a little slower than previously.

Hopefully the next time I post the blog wont need artificial resuscitation again and I’ll actually be able to tell you about those pesky unphotgraphed makes.   What plans do you have for sewing this year?   Are you already planning your Spring wardrobe


3 thoughts on “It’s Alive!!

  1. Haha loved the intro, I thought I you were sharing some of a novel you are working on! Sewing does trump blogging especially with the limited amount of sunlight these days!
    I’ve signed up to the vintage pledge but know I can’t do 5 so I’m going to try a do 3. I have a general goal of sewing practical stuff, I want to sew more separates then dresses! and finally start buying everyday wearable fabric and stop going for the crazy prints!
    Can’t wait to see your Jedediah trousers, I need to start sewing clothes for my husband, I don’t know why but sewing mens clothes seems super scary to me.

    • Thanks. His trousers are actually finished now- need to get him modelling them. Only the second garment I’ve made him, I’m a selfish seamstress at heart. I’m after wearable too, although I know there are 2 crazy print dresses in the works this year.

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