#sewingdares & Me-made May 2015

So apparently the emergency resuscitation the blog received back in February was not sufficient to keep the momentum going. So this time for motivation I’ve turned to Sewing Dares that Gillian is running over at Crafting a Rainbow. I asked for a dare and she very perceptivly dared me to blog about my current instagram feed and what I’ve been up to lately.   What have I come to where I have to be dared to blog! Ha ha!

Anyway, not being one to shirk on a dare here goes. If u follow me on instagram you can’t have failed to notice that I’m taking part in Me-made May again this year. Last year my Me-made wardrobe was considerably smaller than currently so I’ve upped my game this year and pledged to wear at least one me-made a day. I didn’t officially pledge no repeats but I’m aiming to only repeat items with another garment that hasn’t already been worn. So here’s the run down.


1. Colette Patterns Meringue skirt (unblogged but one of my favourites- made from Charity shop wool plaid that cost me £1 and pleather hem facing), Burdastyle Wrap top (unblogged and rarely worn as it’s uncomfortable).

2. Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans in stretch cotton twill from Croft Mill

3. Gertie Sews Vintage casual easy knit pencil skirt in Scuba knit from Minerva crafts.

4. Second pair of Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans worn with Cotton Shell top from the third Great British Sewing Bee book

5. Repeat of the cotton shell top from the third Great British Sewing Bee book, black mini skirt version of Gertie Sews Vintage Casual easy knit pencil skirt.
6. Prima magazine easy dress/tunic and Drapey Knit Cardi from the third GBSB book.
7. Dr. Who Emery dress by Christine Haynes.
8. One piece scoop neck tee from Drape Drape 2


9. Drapey Knit Dress from the third GBSB book
10. Ginger Jeans repeat with Cotton version of the silk woven tee from the third GBSB book.
11. Colette patterns Rooibos dress in lovely Batik from Croft Mill.
12. Maxi skirt refashioned from an RTW dress, Drapey cardi from GBSB book three in a stretch lace.


13. Burdastyle cowl neck sleeveless top, skirt hacked from free Garden party dress pattern by Honigdesign.
14. RTW pencil skirt with silk woven tee from second GBSB book.
15.By Hand London Anna hack with midriff panel and gathered skirt in the most amazing cow fabric from Makower
16. Deer and Doe Plantain hack/ mock lady skater dress

There’s a good number of garments there that haven’t been blogged. Gillian also dared me to make a pair of Ginger jeans and blog the fit. You’ll see above that I’ve already made two pairs, I just haven’t got round to taking pictures and writing posts. I will do asap.

The rest of May will be rounded up at the end of the month. This is probably the challenging part as I’ve worked through my recent and favourite makes in the first part of the month. There’s still a few beauties in the wardrobe to pull out though so keep your eyes peeled.

So, take that #sewingdares!


4 thoughts on “#sewingdares & Me-made May 2015

  1. Yaaaaaaaay! You blogged!!!! And thank you, because as I looked through I thought, “Oooh, what’s the pretty dress in #15?” and of course it was an Anna, which is one of the patterns I’m debating using for my own sewing dare… thanks for pushing me in that direction!

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