Sewing Machine Review

I came in to a small amount of money recently and I decided, as this is unlikely to happen again in the foreseeable future, to upgrade my sewing machine.   I’ve had my new baby for a few weeks now so she has been given a good testing, so I thought I’d write about both of my machines- the basic model and the all-singing, all-dancing beast.

I originally bought myself a sewing machine two years ago, after borrowing a colleague’s to make a fancy dress outfit and falling back in love with stitching.  Although I didn’t buy an expensive model, The Brother LS14, it was a considerable outlay at that time as finances were tight.   Therefore my husband made me swear that I would use it at least once a week for 6 weeks.   It was that challenge that started me down the slippery rabbit hole of sewing obsession.


This machine claims to have 14 stitch options but several of them are different lengths of straight stitch, or widths of zig-zag.   Having said that I never found myself lacking the stitch type I needed for all of the projects I made over 2 years.   There was a silly moment, bourne out of my lack of sewing experience at the time, when I returned my machine to the shop and got a replacement as I thought the tension dials had become faulty.   What I realised later was that this was not the case- it had just been skipping stitches as I hadn’t used the correct combination of needle, thread, tension and fabric.   However, the replacement of the machine did mean that I had a new screwdriver, having lost mine early on under the sofa somewhere.

This machine tackled everything I asked of it and I never had any troubles with it.   The only reason I changed was that my sewing abilities had improved and I wanted a machine with options of different settings that the Brother didn’t have.

When the time came to upgrade I ummed and ahhed for a while and finally settled on this beauty, the Janome DKS100. What a difference this has made to my life.   Not only does it have the option to backstitch, it also has a built in locking stitch and a pre-programmed stitch that automatically does the locking stitch at the beginning and end of the seams for you.   Utter genius as I so often forget to backstitch at the beginning.   When you take your foot off the pedal it automatically stops in the needle down position and there is a handy button to lower the needle before you start stitching- No more fiddling around with the hand wheel- in fact I don’t think I’ve touched that since I bought it.

The foot control my Janome came with initially was faulty- it was trying to run off with itself when my foot wasn’t on the pedal.   I realised this halfway through making a skirt and Tobi asked how on earth I was going to complete my project. “Easy peasey” I responded and unplugged the foot control and used the start/stop button and the speed control to finish my garment.

There’s so many features of this machine that I love but what I didn’t really expect was that it would make sewing so much easier, smoother and quieter.   My four-year old son, Eli, hates loud noises- he can’t stand it when I get the overlocker out, but he doesn’t even comment when the Janome comes out.   It’s so quiet you can easily have a conversation whilst stitching and I definitely can’t say that for the overlocker.

Obviously I haven’t tried every sewing machine on the market but I can say that I love my Janome and I’m so pleased about the decision I made.   I keep my fingers crossed for many more years of easy sewing.


Disclaimer: I was not asked to review these machines by anyone and the opinions are all my own.   The Brother LS14 is available from other sites but the one I have included is NOT an affiliate link.


5 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Review

  1. I love my Janome so much. They make great machines. Mine is pretty basic, yet it flies through denim and even upholstery projects without a hitch. Actually, my repair guy’s motto is, I’ll fix any machine, but I’ll only sell a Janome!

    • I ummed and ahhhed between the Janome and a bernina. Would have had to pay another £150 for the bernina on top of what I spent on the janome to get the same features. I’m so pleased with my choice and it’s great for teaching my daughter as she can use the stop/start button as she can’t reach the foot control pedal.

  2. Hi I found your site looking for reviews of this janome sewing machine. I am thinking about getting an upgrade and am torn between the pfaff passport 2.0 and the DKS100. Your review has been helpful – do you think you get a better finish with things you make now youve upgraded?

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