There’s been quite a few posts around recently about what people listen to while sewing; like So Zo’s post, Phoebe and Egg’s post and While she naps post.    Lots of podcasts have been mentionned such as This American Life, Serial and The Sewing Affair.   Make no mistake, I listen to all of these too (in fact, while searching for the link for Serial I stumbled accross a new to me podcast called the Mystery Show which sounds pretty good and has been added to my podcast app) but there’s a few podcasts I listen to that I haven’t heard anyone else mention in the Sewing Blogosphere and I think they’re worth a listen to.

Risk! – This is my current favourite podcast and I love listening to it whilst stitching away (as long as my kids aren’t within earshot as it’s pretty risque).   The strap line for Risk! is “True tales, boldly told” and is real people, sometimes famous, sometimes not, sharing true stories they never thought they’d dare to share- think sex, drugs and rock and roll.   I love it and have found myself roaring with laughter and getting very strange looks, especially when I listen with my headphones at work and can’t tell my colleagues what I’m laughing at as it would turn the air blue.   They usually feature several stories each episode either recorded at their live shows or in a radio style.

Scummy Mummies – This is a podcast by two female comediennes, one English, one Australian, talking about parenting topics without being in anyway prim and proper.   They usually get drunk during the recording and eat copious amounts of humous whilst giggling about the latest revolting item they have found in the depths of their handbags, deposited by a small sticky child.   This is not the Annabel Karmel of parenting, with perfectly coiffed and preened mothers and children in spotless homes and ponies in the garden; it’s real life and they talk frankly about what it’s really like to be a parent in a hilarious way.

Story Worthy – This is another Story telling podcast usually featuring one story per episode, padded out either side with witty conversations between the two hosts as their weekly guests.   I’m really enjoying story telling poscasts at the moment and Story Worthy is no exception.   It used to be my favourite podcast until I was introduced to Risk! via an episode of Story Worthy.   I sometimes find the witty banter before and after the story to be just too much and I wish they’d pack in more stories instead.

Sex Nerd Sandra – This choice of podcast may reveal more about me than I care to, but nevermind, I’ve never been easily embarassed.   This podcast is a sex-positive podcast exploring different areas of our sexuality, some of the recent topics being “sex and disability”, “Asexuality 101”, “Mulitple Orgasms” and “Sex and Depression”.   I find it a fascinating, often funny, listen and the host, Sandra, is a sex educator whom is honest, funny and warm.   I’m a firm believer that natural functions of our body, including sex and reproduction, are not things that we should not shy away talking about and should not be taboo or embarassing.   This podcast may not be for everyone, and I’m sure I’ll get some very interesting traffic having mentionned it, but I think it’s worth exploring for the open-minded.


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