Sewing station tidy and more


I don’t buy sewing magazines, other than Burdastyle, regularly and when I do I have never made any of the projects from them. I’m primarily a garment sewer and I rarely find that the sewing magazines on offer cater to my preferences. But I’m not here to tell you I didn’t make something. That would be a really boring post. I recently bought Simply Sewing issue 4 and have already used the great fabric clips that came as a free gift. There’s a series of tutorials to make co-ordinating items to spruce up your sewing area; including a sewing machine cover, Sewing pinafore and (the item I made) an ironing board/machine tidy.


I am constantly misplacing my scissors, seam gauge or any number of other items when I’m sewing and I’ve been meaning to make one of these tidies for ages. The magazine was the prompt I needed and had handily done the thinking on size measurements for me. I picked up a fat quarter of tula pink ‘Dear Me‘ print fabric in Strawberry colourway from the Range recently. No idea why, as I never use fat quarters, but I couldn’t resist the colourway.   I’ve already made a dress out of the “Dear me” fabric in the meadow colourway and I adore it. This project proved the perfect use for the fat quarter. I had no bump interlining for the filling (in fact I have no idea what that is, but Google tells me this) so I used a piece of sweatshirt fabric to give it the required loft. As it was sandwiched between woven cotton there was no risk of the stretch factor causing a problem.



I switched up the design from the magazine as I decided I would use the tidy most at my machine so having the pockets at either end of the tidy served no useful purpose so I doubled up the pockets on one side. I prettied them up using two ribbons I was given by Andrea during Kestrel Makes Spring Sewing swap last year. The tape measure ribbon was too perfect for this project not to use.

I love the way it turned out. I did find myself wishing, during the construction, that the walking foot, I ordered at the same time as buying my new sewing machine, hadn’t got lost in the post. You can see where the top layer has been dragged along slightly. I tried to counteract this to a degree by alternating the direction I stitched the quilting lines. All in all though, I love it and use it every time I sit down at my sewing machine. Because there aren’t pockets at both ends I can also wrap it up so it acts as a sewing tool roll. I also get to look at those gorgeous stags all the time.


Unselfish sewing

A quick aside on the garment sewing front. My son, Eli (4) guilt tripped me into making him something as, in the 2 years I’ve been sewing I’ve never made anything for him. I chose a Burdastyle pattern for a short sleeved boys shirt with camp style collar (5/2014 #146). It was a surprisingly quick make and my first make so far that there isn’t something that I’m dissatisfied with.

To cut a long story short, he hated it. But I managed to snatch a picture of him in it, although he refused to shut his mouth for the picture. How do those other mummy sewers get such beautiful pics of their kids? Anyway, here’s the scruffy little wotsit, with my 12 year old step-son in the background engrossed on a game on the tablet.


And the shirt.



3 thoughts on “Sewing station tidy and more

  1. I think boys are harder to sew for. They get picky faster. I stopped sewing for my son when he was 6 but my daughter still lets me sew for her on occasion and she is 11.

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