Changes ahead

Hello everyone. I’ve been a little quiet over here in blogging recently but that’s because in real life loads has been happening and it’s been exhausting going through it, let alone writing about it all. I wish I could say that things are calming down, but far from it. However I thought I’d been neglecting you all so I’m here to give you an update.

At the end of July my oldest sister, Bryonie, got married and I was a bridesmaid. So Tobi and I trekked up to Glasgow for the wedding and four nights blissfully child-free.



Me looking a bit like Amy Winehouse and classy with a cigarette in my hand.

My sister asked me to make a ring pillow for the wedding to fit inside a teeny bowl she had bought for my nephew, the ring bearer, to carry up the Isle.



It only took me about 5 minutes to make but looked nice and the day and served the purpose of preventing my nephew from dropping the rings on the floor.

Whilst in Glasgow I managed to make it to Mandors and picked up some souvenirs.


Petrol coloured embossed scuba fabric and stretch denim (for another pair of Ginger jeans) with stars on it.   I’ve already made up the scuba fabric into a Grainline Studios Morris blazer.


Love love love this jacket.

As soon as we got back, I needed to get behind my sewing machine; you know the itch that you can get sometimes. I quickly made up this dress for my daughter.



It’s made using pattern W, the pinafore, from the Girls Style Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori and she really likes it. The fabric I used was a medium weight border-embroidered denim that I found at a local car boot sale and managed to pick up about 3 metres for £3. I so do love a bargain. I’ve also made a Grainline Studios Moss skirt with this fabric but sadly I made the waist a little too big and it falls down.


After the Glasgow trip we came home to take our children away to the Isle of Wight ‘glamping’ in a safari tent. This tent was epic!!! The bed was more comfortable than mine at home.



We had a great time and will definitely be going back.

Now I come to the thing that has kept me most busy over the last few months… I’m moving to Warwickshire, Rugby to be precise, at the end of September. Due to changes in my husband’s employment he decided to go for a job with his old company in Leamington Spa. I have also got a new job, still Social Work, but a promotion and I should have more free time and a better work life balance so I’m looking forward to it.

After we had already decided on moving I discovered that Warwickshire is a regular mecca of sewing bloggers/seamstresses. Roisin from Dolly Clacket lives in Leamington Spa, Sarah of a Million Dresses lives in Warwick as well as Ali Goddard from Twitter. I’m sure there’s others I’ve missed.

Coventry and Birmingham are just a stones throw away from Rugby so I’m looking forward to exploring the fabric shops locally as well as the Birmingham rag market and making a trip to Guthrie and Ghani.

We move at the end of September with me still in my current job until mid-October and having to stay with friends in Hampshire until I’ve worked my notice period. Therefore I may continue to be quiet in these here parts for the next few weeks. I promise sewing is still going on.


5 thoughts on “Changes ahead

    • She did look beautiful, Linda. I played no part in the dresses, apart from shortening the straps on mine and my other sister’s bridesmaid dress. Thank you for the well wishes, I just keep telling myself that by Christmas we will all be settled.

  1. Yeah a Midlands sewer to join us xxxx if you ever passing Tamworth be sure to pop in to our new little studio ..the kettle always on. You sure packed a lot in to your summer. Totally Love your scuba blazer x

  2. How lovely and fun! Big changes, like moves and new jobs, can be stressful but also exciting. Good luck to you on your move and sorting things out once you are re-settled.

    I just found your blog via Twitter and learned that we have several things in common: sewing, of course, but I also worked as a social worker for about 7 years before starting my own biz. Kudos to you for continuing on, it’s such important work.

    Hope to check out the archives here soon–be well and try to take lots of deep breaths–this too, shall pass.

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