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Lladybird I love Lauren ‘s blog and I’m completely envious of her sewing room which is about 20 times the size of the corner of the sitting room I use for my sewing.

Scruffy Badger Time I love Winnie’s makes and the faces and poses she pulls in her pictures are amazing. She’s recently been voted ‘Best For Basics’ on a round up of the best blogs.

Lauren find out what Lauren ‘s been up to since she competed in series 1 of The Great British Sewing Bee

Oonaballoona I love this lady’s crazy sense of style. She manages to make outfits that you’d think would look awful on, look amazing. She uses vibrant colours and some of the clothes (furry leg warmers anyone) are very quirky.

Dolly Clackett Roisin makes gorgeous dresses and has a handmade wardrobe of billions! She likes loud prints, her latest creation had gorgeous little raccoons all over it.

Gertie I love this woman. Vintage style clothes with culture techniques. I’ve got her first book and I’m eagerly anticipating her second book due this year.

Shops I like:

Collectif reproduction 40’s and 50’s styles regularly changing.

Hey Day gorgeous 40’s and 50’s reproduction clothes


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