Chemery Dress

Cherry Emery, cherry Emery, cherry Emery- Chemery!!!   This is my second Emery Dress from Christine Haynes and my second made from an upcycled duvet cover.   Whilst doing my usual scour of the local charity shops I spotted this big bold cherry print single duvet hanging from the “everything £1” rail.   How could I resist at £1?

I made no adjustments to this Emery other than those already made for my Dr. Who dress.

However, the duvet was a bit old and subsequently a little too sheer to be decent going out in without some stitching intervention.   I decided to underline the skirt portion and, continuing the theme, I used some remnants of another duvet I used last year to make a different dress.   It had big pink roses on one side, which I made the first dress with, and a white rose printed side.

I love how the roses show through when the light’s just right.   Look at my lazy hemming, overlocked the edges and then turned under and stitched on the machine.  I didn’t really think a duvet was posh enough to justify the painstaking hand stitching I did on my Dr. who dress.

This was my first ever invisible zip insertion and it went in so easily it left me wondering what all the fuss was about (until my second attempt on my Anna dress which took three attempts).   I’m pretty chuffed with it and I didn’t have the head scratching moment I had with the instructions when I used a lapped zip.

After I wore my first duvet dress to work one of my colleagues said she may have her old My Little Pony and Care Bears duvet covers at home if I want them.   Hell yeah, what child of the 80’s wouldn’t want to wear a dress with magical ponies and bears on it!

I really like the Emery dress, although I still need to do a bit of tweaking to the fit, but this dress is perfectly wearable and I’ve overheard a few comments on it as I’ve walked by people in town.   I think I’ll be making more.

Have any of you had amazing charity/thrift shop finds?


Upcycle Assistance

Good evening Ladies and… (Runs to check followers)… Nope, just ladies I think. I am in need of your amazing creative brains.

My sewing adventures started a year ago with an upcycle project. I transformed a fairly normal skirt into this raunchy bustle skirt for a steampunk themed evening that me and Tobi went to.

I completed a few more upcycle projects but then fell in love with the control and creativity that can be found when making a garment from scratch so my upcycle pile has become somewhat neglected. However, with the weather brightening up and Spring being firmly here i want to wear more skirts and dresses- which brings me to the point of this waffle.


This gorgeous number is a Vanity project dress by Limb clothing that I bought about two years ago, before I started sewing. I was at my skinniest at the time and managed to squeeze myself into a size 12. However I have since put on weight and it no longer fits but it is far too beautiful to go to a charity shop and I’d love to turn into something wearable.

This is where you lovely people come in as I need help deciding what to do with it. The logical head in me says turn it into a skirt, but that would mean slicing in half the panels and loosing half of the gorgeous Alexander Henry fabrics design.


What would you lovely people do with this gem? I want to use as much of that precious fabric as I can and I think I may have to take the whole thing apart to use the panels. The person who comments below with the best suggestion will win the prize of me attempting to make whatever has been suggested. Just a few guidelines- I don’t sew bags/ accessories at all really and I don’t do quilts. So come on my lovelies, tell me what to do!